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“Many thanks for your COQ Management presentation over the past few days, together with the photo we received today.

Thanks for the feedback report, put together in an extremely professional manner - well done! I have taken the liberty to forward the feedback report to our two Executive Board members that sit on my South African Board of Directors, who are situated in Australia and Japan.

My opinion of the program is that we now have an excellent TOOL to lift our game as the Management Team to the next level, as we move towards 2015!

After having digested your constructive feedback I can confirm we have identified areas of focus going forward to our goals in 2015.

We experienced the following workshop strengths:

• Workshop clarified COQ
• Relevant exercises facilitated learning the practical side of the workshop
• Subject proficient and knowledgeable facilitator – the workshop result/effect cannot be handled by a less experienced facilitator

Good reference made to real life situations"

Gary van Eyk, CEO – SUN ACE South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


Sun Ace South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Sun Ace Group of Companies was founded through the vision of Shinagawa Chemical Industry Co. Ltd, which had been established in 1940 by the late Mr Toshio Yoshida (1906 to 1993). This Group of Companies has established world-class standards in the manufacture of plastic additives and other chemicals. 
Sun Ace South Africa (Pty) Ltd is proud to be associated with this tradition. A joint venture company with local management participation, Sun Ace South Africa is fortunate to represent not only the group products but also their international partners, Reagens S.p.A., Europe and Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan. 
At Sun Ace we believe it is ultimately quality and technical service that distinguishes us from our competitors. We are a people orientated company. Flexibility in our entrepreneurial approach to our customers is a key characteristic of our business style

Give Us a Call To learn more about BAS and the service offerings.

AllPay (Absa)

AllPay, one of South Africa’s leading social services companies, selected BAS to facilitate the training of its senior management team in the concepts, principles and assessment methodologies of the South African Excellence Model
SARS selected BAS to conduct the SAEM training for members of the Business Development Unit and facilitation of regional impact assessment in various SARS Regions

Drake & Scull
Drake & Scull, a leading facilities management provider brought BAS on board to assist with the Development of its Bokwari Excellence Programme, and the installation of a Guide for Operational Excellence for its largest client.

Eastern Cape Provincial Government
The ECPG appointed BAS in 2006 as its Technical Advisors for the development of the ECPG Balasela Service Delivery Improvement Programme.
BAS continues to assist the ECPG with the training of most of the provincial departments and coaching and mentoring the SMS in conducting impact assessments and compiling SDIPs.
Thebo Cleaning Services
TCS, a newly established endeavour under the banner Thebo Group, called on BAS to assist with the coaching and mentoring of its senior management team.
Department of Roads and Transport and Department of Public Works (ECPG)
DORT and DPW appointed BAS to assist with cascading the ECPG Balasela Excellence Programme and development of Guides to Operational Excellence (GOE) to the various provincial districts.



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