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SPEAR™ Performance Management System and Toolkit (PMS)

The System and Guides (listed) provides a user-friendly structured Management System (three tiers) and Toolkit (aligned with the South African Excellence Model SAEM), that forms the basis for routine operational performance assessment,and improvement.

1) Corporate Governance: Senior Management (Guide for Service Delivery Excellence™ - GSDE™)
2) Performance Management: Middle management (Guide to Performance Excellence™ - GPE™), and
3) Conformance Management: All employees / processes (Guide for Operational Excellence™ - GOE™)

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Cost of Quality Management System (COQ)
The System facilitates the assessment, management and promotion of continuous improvement in the organisation by expressing non-performance in "financial terms".

It further:
1) Introduces international concepts for the calculation of Cost of Quality.
2) Raises awareness and understanding of the importance of Cost of Quality.
3) Facilitates the calculation of Cost of Quality and improving performance standards.
4) Provides the organisation with a "financial based system" to measure COQ real-time.

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Corporate Governance Support System

The King II and III reports prescribes Corporate Governance.
BAS develop a Compendium that contains the listed supportive executive components..

1) Corporate Governance Charter and Framework
2) Stakeholder / Shareholder Compact
3) Code and Guidelines for Ethics and Business Conduct
4) Fraud Prevention Policy and Plan

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SA Excellence Model (SAEM)

BAS is registered and qualified (BNQA / EFQM / SAEM) executive facilitator and service provider for the listed SAEM training,

1) Executive Facilitator
2) Assessor
3) Self-Assessment
4) Application Writing, and
5) Implementation of operational diagnostic programmes, such as SPEAR.

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